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Tiny 4WD is a small but powerful robot that you build yourself. Unlike many other small robots, Tiny can be used outside on the patio, deck, playground even gravel paths/drives. The first Tiny was designed for the MagPi magazine “How to build a Pi Wars Robot” feature written by Brian Corteil.  The kit contains all you need to build the chassis including our Raspberry Pi camera face plate , great for computer vision projects plus a Pimoroni Explorer pHat to drive the four motors powering the large grippy wheels. The kit also includes a mini breadboard for adding sensors and help supply power to the motors.

Emma Norling has written, a great guide to building a Tiny 4WD, and how to connect up the motors using the included breadboard.   https://emmaspiblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/tiny-4wd-robot/

Tanya from the Pimoroni crew has written, a great build guide.

and our build guide is here

Note:   You will need to supply the Raspberry Pi Zero, and power source. The kit can be powered with a mobile phone power bank or with a LiPo battery, AA batteries  and voltage converter.


Size: A6 paper sized
weight: 300g

*  without battery, camera and Raspberry Pi


Pimoroni Explorer pHAT
Small breadboard
4 x wheels
4 x motor brackets
4 x micro metal motors
3 x acrylic body-plates
6 x M3 PCB spacers
12 x M3 bolts
10 x M2.5 bolts
8 x M2.5 nuts
4 x M2.5 bolts
10 x jumper jerky


Basic manual control code is available form the Coretec Github account, the code has been written for use with a Rock Candy PS3 controller or the Blue dot app.


How to buy

A Tiny can be yours for £55

Direct from us at Maker Faires, and Raspberry Pi Jams.

On the web


other suppliers to be added soon!


MagPi issues: for building guide and tips.

Note: There is no need to modify the motor pins as shown in the build guide in step 1 in MagPi 51 as the chassis now has holes for the right angle pins unless you require the space for stuff.



Rock Candy Controller

Direct link to Amazon UK for the controllers, we love at Coretec!

Rock Candy Wireless Controller – Red (PS3)

Rock Candy Wireless Controller – Green (PS3)

Rock Candy Wireless Controller – Blue (PS3)

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